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He's not quite the eldest, not by a long shot, but he certainly does spend a lot of time in Middle-earth, and he's one of the oldest that I write about consistently. Take a peek into the world of a farmer turned scholar turned soldier turned librarian turned Vala of Love. How's that for a resume?

Erestor was born during Orome's second visit to the awakened elves of Cuivienen and was a child during the journey to Valinor.  There is no exact year of birth for him, though he was born in the springtime.  Arwen 'gifts' him with a begetting day so that he has a day to celebrate [4 Laire (May 25)].  His estimated age in 500 of the Fourth Age is 22,000 years.

Born in the Cuivienen to Tatie, wife of Tata, first awakened Noldo, Erestor was actually the illegitimate son of the Vala Orome, who did not reveal this until just prior to the uprising of the Noldor in Valinor.  While in Valinor, Erestor tended to a farm on land owned by Oropher, and was neighbor to Cirdan.  He met Artanis while she was a young elleth, later courted her and convinced her to live at his residence.  Even though they were not wed and did not consummate the relationship, they were lovers.

Artanis, turned Altariel, left to pursue Middle-earth with her brothers.  Following an attempted suicide, Erestor went to Middle-earth with a small group of Teleri, and settled for a time in Doriath (One Word).  He was banished after refusing to follow the ban of speaking Quenya and for speaking ill of King Thingol and his kin (For You, I'll Cross the Sea).  From there he went to Gondolin, where he lived until the fall of the realm (Unforgettable).  After this, he spent a brief time in Lothlorien, then moved to Greenwood where he stayed for some time (I Say, I Say, I Say).  When Imladris was founded, he moved there to serve Elrond.

During the Last Alliance, he accidentally created a child with Galadriel, an effect of his Valarin ancestry.  Erestor stayed in Imladris until the early part of the fourth age, unknowingly bonding with Glorfindel during the early years of the third age.  For a short time, Erestor served in Greenwood as Haldir's seneschal, and after the fall of the realm moved back to Imladris where he took up duties as librarian once again.

In the 74th year of the fourth age, an attack which left him near death made Erestor reassess his life (Choices); ten years later, he would finally accept the bond he and Glorfindel shared (Silver and Gold).  It would be in 121 of the fourth age that the pair would sail to the Undying Lands.

Erestor's favorite fruit and favorite color is peach.  Cats are his favorite animal, followed closely by cows - he does not consider horses to be animals, but rather, on the same level as men, elves, and the like.  He prefers dark beer to any type of wine.  Farming was his favorite of all occupations, specifically harvesting apples.  Erestor's hobbies include writing poetry and horse racing.  He also plays many instruments, but excels as a fiddler.