Places to Pounce Zhie

Pounce! is her official archive on the Dream Elf network.  It is there that you will find all of her fanfiction.  She is also one of the three owners of Dream Elf, which has a party room, an open archive for elf-centric fanfiction, and galleries for both elf art and adult elf art.

On Yahoo!groups, Zhie runs and moderates various places.  The most popular groups that might interest you are Little Balrog, an anything goes Tolkien-related site referred to sometimes as 'the gutter', where Legolas prances about in a tutu while chasing butterflies and Thranduil rules the realm- and the playstation- with a firm hand.  Beware the Balrogs.  If your preference is slash only, lotrallslash is the group for you.  With weekly contests, polls, and fanfiction that spans from men to elves and from dwarves to hobbits (and even a few of the other races of Middle-earth), and a yearly slash swap, there's always something to do or read.  She is also the owner of Erestor Lovers, a place for everything related to Rivendell's chief counselor, both het and slash.  Erestor Lovers has it's own archive, Sunshine and Shadow, where stories about both Erestor and Glorfindel, or either of them without the other, can be found.  If you're interest is less Rivendell and more Lothlorien, stop by Lothlorien Lovers Group, a group run by TICS of which Zhie somehow was given powers of moderation.  Cheesecake is plentiful in each place.

Zhie has a live journal presence as well, located here, and can be found nearly nightly on yahoo instant messenger using the screen name 'jubatus_rex'.  If you wish to contact her via email, the best place to reach her is zhiester@gmail.com.