Date Started: November 5, 2005

Date Completed: November 28, 2005

Word Count: 50,655

Synopsis: Haldir, whilst wandering in Orome's forest, finds a hidden and mystical area where one is able to see the memories of others.  Accidentally, he learns that Celeborn is not his father.  When he confronts Erestor about the truth, the half-vala spends much of the tale trying to speak with Haldir about the past. 

Switching between 'present-day' (Fourth Age 495) and flashbacks of the past, the story also presents the first meeting of Thranduil and Glorfindel, Erestor traveling to Lothlorien to bring news of King Amdir's death, and a scene from long ago in Valinor when Erestor teaches Galadriel how to dance.

Notes: Written for the NaNoWriMo challenge online.  The purpose of NaNoWriMo is to write an entire fifty thousand word novel during the month of November.  An epilogue to this story was started but never finished.  In the original outline, Orophin was to come into the parlor with a mysterious jar to show everyone with something 'odd' in it, asking everyone 'isn't it great?' and 'isn't is neat?' but not saying what it was.  A few minutes later, he was to go upstairs, and Valarda was to be heard shouting, 'That's disgusting!  You can NOT keep Erestor's spleen up here!'.

Also not mentioned exactly was the extent of Erestor's injuries.  Elrond and Orophin end up removing his appendix and spleen, and after the incident, only Erestor's right kidney functions.  He also now becomes more susceptible to infections and illness; in my retellings, the spleen and appendix are the items responsible for keeping the elves healthy and able to heal quickly.  His entire recuperation after the incident takes over a month; an otherwise healthy elf should have been up and active again after three or four days.

 This is the first story to introduce Greyson, Haldir's wolf companion, and to mention Elladan's son and wife, without naming them.  This is also the first story to mention the child of Gwindor and Finduilas.  It is the chronological first mentioning of Mae Tithen, future wife of Gimlin (Dinendal).  It is one of the last stories featuring Gimli, who passes away in 496 of the Fourth Age. 

Highlighted in this story is the Brotherhood of Manwe, a group of poets led by Rumil the elder (Rumil the Loremaster).  They reside, more or less, at a pub simply called The Eagle.

Although not directly stated, Mae Tithen had a pony named Dalelio.  Glorfindel's original 'father name' of Anglorel is revealed.

Laire Namarie (Farewell to Summer) is introduced as a holiday.  It is the opposite of the Gates of Summer, when summer is welcomed.

This is also the story that answers the question 'What is up with all these goats?'