Other LOTR Stories

 ; means separation of characters while / means a pairing


Birds of a Feather

Stories that borrow from the world as written by Mary&Mal. The adventures of a group of traveling musicians who call themselves 'Birds of a Feather'.

The Canary

Swan Song

On a Lark


A place for stories based from, and also the original story, Blind.  What if Erestor had been blinded in the Last Alliance?  Who will help him learn to live again? (Glorfindel/Erestor; Elrond/Celebrian/Legolas; Haldir/Lindir)

Picking Up The Pieces


Winter Wonderland



Glorfindel returns, unsure of his purpose until he meets a family on the verge of falling apart, a lovesick musician, and a timid, mute ellon.(Glorfindel/Erestor; Elrond/Celebrian; Lindir/

Body Language



Exotic Erestor

Stories about a chief advisor who never sailed and the balrog slayer who 'rescues' him. (Glorfindel/Erestor)

Exotic Erestor


My Little Pony

Glorfindel : Reborn

Stories of Glorfindel, reborn as an elfling, and his adventures in Rivendell.

The Messy Desk

Midnight Middle-earth

Stories written by Java Green & Zhie; originally created as RPGs, transposed to narrative.

Finger Pants

The Book of Filth

New Beginnings

All about Erestor's failed attempts to get over his ex-lover, and how Glorfindel finally manages to help him.

Raspberries & Cream

Love Letter

Tales of the Talkative Advisor

What if... Erestor was very social and talkative to the point it annoyed Glorfindel greatly? (Glorfindel/Erestor)

On Your Knees

Mastering the Master

After the War

Three friends try to muddle through things and bring some sort of normalcy back to their lives after the great war at the end of the Second Age.  Some parts written with Laura and Mei. (Glorfindel/OFC; Erestor/OFC)

Silver and Gold




These are stand alone stories that have no 'series', at least not yet.  Perhaps, in time they will.


Early to Bed

Happy Family

Lord of the Fountain

Ménage à Trois
(Glorfindel/You/Erestor) [2nd person]

Mischief Managed
(Glorfindel/Erestor; Erestor/Lindir) [1st person, Erestor]

Price of a Prince

The Terrible Tower
(Glorfindel; Haldir; Erestor; Elrond)

There's a First Time For Everything
(Glorfindel/Erestor) [1st person, Glorfindel]

Tree Talk

Unexpected Blessings
(Elrond/Celebrian; Glorfindel/Erestor)

Unforeseen Circumstances